About Us

Pear Drops emergency food delivery was set-up as a non-profit organisation by The Pear Tree Pub in Fulham and A Love For Brands marketing consulting to help those affected by the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Each day we create freshly prepared nutritious meals for the elderly, vulnerable and homeless from our kitchen at Holy Trinity Brompton Church.
Volunteers deliver the meals to individuals’ homes or local organisations, following hygiene standards and social-distancing rules, 7 days/week. 

In addition to our at-home meal delivery service, we also provide meals to the homeless in Central London every evening, where we have set-up a number of stations across the capital, to the homeless in temporary accommodation and to Ealing Soup Kitchen on weekends.

We are relying on volunteers and appealing for your support to help where you can.

Together, we can ensure no one goes hungry!

Freshly prepared meals from our kitchen – every day

The chefs in our kitchen prepare all meals from scratch every day. Fresh ingredients are sourced from the local Smithfield meat market and Western International Market and prepared into nutritionally balanced, flavourful meals.

There is a choice of a meat or vegetarian meal per day, plus fish Fridays and roast dinner on Sunday. We provide a complimentary dessert every day.

All meals are fully labelled with the ingredients and allergens and will require reheating.

COVID-19 statement

Pear Drops emergency food catering aims to assure you, our employees and our communities’ safety and wellbeing to avoid the Coronavirus spread. We are monitored by the Food Hygiene Solutions Group and are fully compliant with food sector safety standards and legislation.

We would like to share with you the main actions we are taking:

  • Continual updates for staff members.
  • Preventive measures for the cleaning of all communal areas, following strict
    guidelines under the highest control.
  • Specific procedures have been defined in the case of suspected or confirmed infection.
  • Total commitment to fulfil any regulations prioritising your health and wellbeing.
  • Food will be temperature probed when leaving our kitchen and will be 5* or below, and will be delivered and probed and will be 8* or below.

  • Wash hands thoroughly & regularly and sanitise hands after each wash.
  • Ensure all food containers and equipment are sanitised prior to use.
  • Any food packers, labellers or delivery staff should sanitise hands regularly to ensure no bacteria is transferred to containers.
  • All staff and volunteers should wear face masks and gloves.

During this challenging time, your safety is our highest priority and we appreciate the trust that you place in our team and our company.