We deliver freshly prepared nutritious meals to the elderly, vulnerable and homeless in West and Central London during the Coronavirus crisis.

Every day our chefs prepare quality meals from our kitchen at Holy Trinity Brompton

We rely on volunteers and donations to help us support those in need.

Together, we can ensure no person goes hungry! Support our cause today.

Mass catering for the elderly, vulnerable and homeless in West & Central London amidst COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in the UK, more and more vulnerable people are at risk of not being able to access food. The elderly, vulnerable and homeless are amongst the hardest affected in society.

We are here to help!

Set up by the Pear Tree Pub in Fulham and A Love For Brands marketing consulting, Pear Drops is a non-profit organisation delivering freshly prepared nutritious meals to the elderly, vulnerable and homeless across West and Central London affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Our chefs prepare fresh meals every day, and volunteers deliver them to those in need, 7 days/week.

We have seen first-hand how people are affected by the crisis and how our meal delivery service is life-changing, especially to those who haven’t had a hot meal in weeks.

We have delivered thousands of meals since the crisis began and want to feed many more in need. Your donations to our GoFundMe page ensure we can continue providing nutritious meals to those who cannot afford or access them.

Thank you very much for your support.

Telephone – 020 3286 5757
Email – contact@peardrops.co.uk


We always welcome your support, whether it is helping us to fund-raise or delivering meals, there are plenty of opportunities available.  Thank you for any donations no matter how big or small. It all makes a huge difference!

With your help, we are able to support those that are most vulnerable in these challenging times.